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YouTube Downloader! When you’re surfing, you’ll stumble upon the ideal YouTube video that you can use to create the creation of your content. ” If only there was the possibility of downloading the video without having to ask the owner” you think. There’s good news, there are a few websites and apps, often called YouTube Downloader that allow you to do exactly that.

There are a myriad of alternatives when it comes down to YouTube downloaders.

Although some can cost some dollars, the majority are completely free.

In actual fact there are some platforms that don’t require users to download any program (all you require is the URL of your video and you’re ready to go).

If you’ve never attempted this before, and you’re concerned that you could be a victim of malware continue reading.

We’ve previously discussed the YouTube editor previously. This time, we’ll guide you through the 15 most effective free YouTube downloaders that you can test in 2021. At the end of the article I’ll also walk you through the quick rules and guidelines for using these downloaders for videos.

Let’s get started.

The YouTube Downloaders You Should Try This Year

The next YouTube video grabber tool will be the king in 2021.


YouTube to y2mate is a different (rather basic) YouTube to MP4 converter.

Copy and paste this link to the video into the box on the homepage. Then select “start.”

The best thing about y2mate is that it permits users to download videos at various resolutions, ranging from 1080p to 144p.

In addition, the tool lets you download only the audio also convert, and then download video files into MP3 files.


Videoder is a no-cost video downloader that is available to Windows as well as Android.

The program lets you download 4K videos not just YouTube however, but also over 1000 other websites as well (whereas the Android version allows you to download videos from around 50 websites).

In addition it lets you build personal collections of video and audios. It means that you will not have to buffer or searching through a mess of files.


Airy is a well-known YouTube video downloader that allows you to convert your videos into different resolutions and formats (including Ultra HD).

Some of the formats that are supported include:

  • MP4
  • FLV
  • 3GP
  • MP3

Contrary to some plug-and play tools it is required to download Airy before you can start using it. It’s currently accessible for Windows in addition to Mac OS.

It also works with major browsers, including:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

This lets you “save” those videos that you enjoy, and then download them later.


YouTube Mate is a different standard YouTube downloader that allows you to download your favourite YouTube video clips with MP4 or 4GP formats (as as well in audio formats like MP3 or WAV).

The program also has the video player of its own as well as an integrated search feature which allows you to find videos easily.

TubeMate is available on both Android as well as Windows.

4K Video Downloader

4K Downloader is a well-known supplier of content-grabbing free products.

Their most used tool includes The 4-K video Downloader that lets you save videos downloaded from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many more.

Similar to TubeMate as well, this is a second software that you’ll have to download before you begin using it. In the moment, it’s just available on Windows.

As with a number of tools mentioned earlier like a few of the tools discussed earlier, the 4K Video downloader allows you to download full playlists. Additionally, it allows you to download the entire channel in one move.

Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft is a well-known provider with (both for free as well as paid) tools to recover data including encryption of files video converter, and downloading tools.

One of their most popular products is Gihosoft TubeGet – a standard user-friendly YouTube downloader that’s made available on Windows and Mac operating systems.

The program allows you to download videos in four different formats (MP4 MKV, AVI, MKV as well as MOV).

Furthermore, it allows you to:

  • Convert the videos downloaded from WebM to popular formats
  • Include subtitles in your videos

There are paid and free versions to download Gihosoft TubeGet. The only difference in the versions are that in the latter, you receive a license(s) and technical assistance.


YouTube is a plug and play ready-to-go YouTube downloader which lets you save your favourite YouTube videos to your mobile.

Simply copy and paste the URL into the box and then click “Go.”

After it has processed your video, go through these steps:

  • Scroll down and press”Download” and then right click on “Download” link.
  • Choose “save URL as” (will differ between browsers) Choose the location where you would like your video to be saved, then click”Save. “Save.”

YTOFFLINE is completely safe and secure. It uses SSL encryption.


The next option next on the list is VidMate another YouTube downloader available for Android.

The platform allows you to access videos on YouTube as well as more than 200 other platforms.

It also allows you to play online video in HD.

One of the most important features of VidMate is the integrated downloader that provides speedy download speeds (even when you have poor connection speeds).

Like other video downloaders The tool isn’t currently available on Google Play because of Google’s policy that prohibits downloading videos from YouTube. Because of this you’ll need get the APK and then install the application manually onto your gadget.

ITubeGo YouTube Downloader

ITubeGo is a powerful tool for grabbing content that lets you download video and music.

In addition It also lets you convert videos to MP3 (audio) as well as download YouTube playlists in one go and handle multiple downloads.

At present, it’s available on the both Windows or Mac. You’ll be able to enjoy all the major features of the trial version.


The company is described as an ” friendly downloader for YouTube,” ClipGrab is last on the list of.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s less effective than the other options. In terms of ease-of-use and simplicity it’s among the most effective tools available.

Not only can it permit users to download videos from YouTube as well, but Vimeo as well as Facebook too.

In the moment, ClipGrab is only compatible with Windows.

The YT Cutter

In some cases, we only require certain elements of videos.

Although there are plenty of free programs that allow you to cut or embed video clips, just a handful let you download the clips.

The other can be the YT cutter which allows you to download the content you love in several different formats, such as:

It can even download files in GIF. If you’re looking to learn how to create the GIF I would suggest using a different software.

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