Top Luxury Holiday Destinations to Visit Today

Are you planning to go a bit big for your next holiday? Here is a list to help you pick a destination.

Luxury is not all about expensive items. It can be an island in Maldives or a nature-rich place that helps you unwind. If you have the Hawker 800XP Jet Membership, you can certainly uplift your luxury travel experience and pamper yourself as you like.

Private jets and luxury destinations are a perfect combination for travel lovers. If you are confused about where to go, then here are some of the top next luxury travel destinations in the world.

1.  Dubai:

Dubai is famous for its modern glam. It is one of the top favorite luxury destinations for the majority of people. From the crown jewel of UAE to Burj Khalifa; there is a lot that this specifically has to offer. It is enriched with regalness and gives you a vibe that is hard to find anywhere else.

When in Dubai, you are bound to fall in love with its hotels, fine dining and shopping experience. It is an indisputably comfortable and luxurious destination to travel to.

2.  Bali:

If you are on the lookout for a laid-back traveling experience then Bali is the best bet for you. It is known for being the top best tranquil retreat. From its perfect vibe to mystical temples and from its beaches to resorts and villas; Bali won’t disappoint you in terms of luxury and relaxation.

And while you are there, we highly recommend you to catch a sunset. It is worth it. Just sit at a spot and soak in the goodness of it.

3.  Mauritius:

Mauritius is another luxury travel destination that doesn’t fail to impress its visitors. It is best for its lagoons and crystal clear water. The luxurious resorts simply add up to everything, making this place worth a visit.

Mauritius is circled by a 330km of white beaches. So if you feel like getting your feet into the sand; you can head towards it too.

4.  Maldives:

And while we are talking about Mauritius, how can we forget Maldives? They say that luxury and Maldives go side by side. Holidaying right here is a luxury in itself. You might want to stay for a lot longer than you initially planned.

Just kick back and relax as Maldives makes you feel regal in all possible ways. Also, if you are a nature-lover, you will fall in love with water filled with turtles, manta rays and coral reefs.


Traveling luxury is a lifetime experience. Thus, choosing the right destination for it is very important. Furthermore, if you can book a private jet, we recommend you to do so (right away), to add up to the entire vibe. Especially if you are traveling with your partner, you would love the privacy it has to offer.

Plan beforehand and make bookings before arrival. Make sure everything is sorted before you land at your favorite destination, to fully enjoy your trip.

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