What Is Stacey Park Milbern Cause of Death?

Google Doodle is a tribute to Stacey Park Milbern for her 35th birthday , as well as her second anniversary of her death. The disability rights activist passed away on her birthday of 33.

Stacey Park Milbern’s work for the disability community is honored even after two years since her passing. Google Doodle honored her on her birthday, which was 35 years old, and on her second anniversary of her death.

Google Doodle Honors Stacey Park Milbern: What is the Cause of Her Death?

Google Doodle honors disability rights activist Stacey park Milbern whose date of birth and death are identical. She died after undergoing a surgical complications to treat kidney cancer in May 2020.

The cancer was growing rapidly however, her surgery was delayed when the implementation of a stay-at-home-order in the United States. Finally, she was able to undergo the procedure after 3 months, however she passed away on her 30th birthday due to complications.

Her contributions for the disabled community is forever be remembered. She was one of those who been suffering due to congenital muscle dystrophy from birth.

Although she used to walk as a young child, she began using a wheelchair later on, which led to increased disability awareness and activism, as per

In the end, she was able to begin being involved in disability rights leadership positions as a young aged of sixteen. She then founded The North Carolina Kids Leadership Forum and the Disabled Young People’s Collective, with the aim of empowering disabled youth to be involved in the advocacy process and to take leadership.

From 2006 to 2008, she was a member of from 2006 to 2008, she was a member of the North Carolina Commission for the Blind appointed by was appointed by the governor of North Carolina appointed. She relocated to San Francisco Bay Area when she was just 24, which was which was a center of disabled rights movements and continued to work in the Bay Area.

Stacey Park Milbern was Born with a Disability

Stacey Park Milbern was born suffering from a condition known as congenital muscular dystrophy. It is a type of muscular dystrophies that manifest soon after birth or shortly after.

Her family was her primary source of support to be her caregivers in the early years of her life however, she decided to make a move after coming out as gay. She was terrified of her parents who may not like the gender identity of her.

While she might have issues performing everyday activities such as sleep, eating or toileting She decided to do this because she was scared of her religious Christian parents.

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Find Out More About Stacey Park Millbern’s Health Issues In Detail

Stacey Park Milbern’s disease was the reason for her death. Her kidney tumor was growing, which was growing quickly. However, her surgery was delayed along with complications during the operating table put her to death at 33.

Despite her condition, she carried on her activism and was helping those who were in need. For instance, in the beginning of 2020, as the coronavirus outbreak began to began to spread, she was working at her Oakland home in partnership with the disability justice cultural club, which delivered home-made disease prevention kits for homeless people.

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