Shannon sharpe Twitter

Shannon sharpe Twitter

Many NFL players were as dominant as shannon sharpe twitter during the ‘ 90s and early 2000s. As a tight end for the Denver Broncos, Sharpe made seven Pro Bowls and helped lead the platoon to Super Bowl titles in 1998 and 1999.
He secured another Super Bowl win and Pro Bowl selection as a member of the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 and 2001. That body of work earned Sharpe a spot in the Pro shannon sharpe twitter Football Hall of Fame in 2011.
And while he’s been retired from the league for nearly 20 times, the 54- time-old still looks like he’s ready to take the field. Sharpe took to Instagram on Aug. 5, 2022, to show off some emotional sets on the bench press, where he powered through 365 pounds for six reps.
In the videotape, Sharpe benches for four sets in aggregate. He chose to slip a Sling Shot — a lifting accessory that helps strength athletes induce further force throughout their ranges of stir — for the ultimate two sets.
Sharpe notes that he’s added two reps to his 365- pound bench in three weeks, and only really struggles during the final rep shown in the videotape.
In a post from Jul. 10, 2022, Sharpe revealed that he’d just started “ benching seriously ” again for the first time in further than a time due to injuries. Sharpe noted that his thing right now is to bench 450 pounds by the end of 2022 — that would put him right around the 470 pounds he hit during shannon sharpe twitter his playing days.
This is not the first time Sharpe has taken to social media for a fitness update. On Jun. 26, 2022, he celebrated his 54th birthday by showing off his surprisingly chiseled constitution that would look right at home in any current NFL locker room.
On the other hand, if you ’re looking for a plate- rattling feat of strength from a current NFL star, you can watch Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb nail a 610- pound raw thickset double shannon sharpe twitter with a Tsunami Bar.
The Seahawks were suitable to take the Steelers to overtime during their” Sunday Night Football” clash, but they came within seconds of failing to make it to redundant time.
DK Metcalf made a critical choice not to step out of bounds on the alternate- to-last play of regulation that nearly lost the game for the Seahawks.
Metcalf is not exactly happy that he is facing review for his decision, and he took his frustration out on NFL Hall of Famer shannon sharpe twitter.
Sharpe transferred out a tweet on Monday morning wondering what Metcalf’s study process was when he avoided going out of bounds.
Metcalf can pip all he wants, but Sharpe’s question has merit. Metcalf’s decision was clearly a curious bone.

The Seahawks had the ball on Pittsburgh’s 35- yard line with no winters left and 18 seconds on the timepiece when Geno Smith set up Metcalf open on the left sideline. Smith completed an easy pass to Metcalf, who was in between two protectors and had a clear lane out of bounds.
Metcalf could have fluently stepped out of bounds to stop the timepiece. That would have set Seattle over for a field thing that would be about 40 yards in length.
Inexplicably, Metcalf decided to try to gain further yardage. He avoided going out of bounds and fumbled the ball. Seahawks receiver Freddie Swain jumped on it to keep the ball in Seattle’s possession.

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