How to Look Super Cool While Wearing Sunglasses

You’d be shocked. Unlike what most individuals believe, there is much more to a pair of fashionable sunglasses.

It takes planning to know when to wear sunglasses and how to work them into your daily schedule and attire. Follow our best advice for styling glasses to match your personality, look, and lifestyle while the sun shines.

7 Tips for Styling Sunglasses

You’ll want several pairs so you can adjust for different settings. Here’s everything you need to know about how to wear sunglasses and look super cool.

1.      Find the Right Fit for Your Face

Sunglasses should be comfortable and fit appropriately because every face is unique. Sunny days may probably require you to wear sunglasses for a long time.

Additionally, ensure the arms are comfortable, and the frames are substantial enough to prevent side or top light intrusion.

2.      Choose a Design that Suits your Needs

Choosing sunglasses will depend on what you want to accomplish while wearing them. While cat-eye sunglasses’ universally attractive design complements a high fashion style, rectangular frames are more suited to sporty. Oakley glasses are perfect for long trips or days at the beach since they offer glare protection.

3.      Embrace Color by Adding a Pop to Your Clothes

When you’ve discovered the perfect form and design for you, it’s time to play around with color! The fashionable patterned eyewear from Vision Direct stands out or adds a spice of flare to an otherwise basic outfit.

Tinted lenses are styled to complement and match your clothing. Other common choices include amber, blue, and green tones, along with the more classic silver mirrored lenses.

4.      Experiment with Shapes

Personal preference, self-assurance, and sense of fashion play a significant role. Choose from oversized frames for a classic movie star look, vintage heart or butterfly shapes for a quirkier feel, slender frames that exude inner composure, or abstract patterns that convey independence and flair. The options are infinite!

5.       Put Them on Your Head

It is unquestionably the best place to put sunglasses when you don’t want them on your face. It feels natural, improves overall appearance, and works incredibly well with plastic styles without nose pads that often tangle your hair.

6.      Hook Them to Your Shirt

No, we’re not saying that wearing sunglasses slung over a shirt collar is the newest fashion. However, it’s a stylish and effortless look on warm days with a t-shirt for guys. And for the age-old problem of where to store sunglasses when wearing a suit, consider hooking them into the outer breast pocket for the ideal balance of formal and informal.

7.       Use a Neck Strap or Lanyard

These are the options for you if you’re one of those who continually drop your sunglasses and have to return to where they were. Neck straps are more practical if you’re active or practicing sports. Either way, your glasses’ arms remain open and are constantly ready to slip back onto your face.


Both men and women may choose from a wide variety of modern and classic looks. Each pair of glasses has 100% UV protection, keeps you in style, and is quite affordable. Pair your attractive sunglasses with your modern clothes and shoes to get the ideal style for any activity.

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