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Craigslist Los Angeles! Searching for a job can be saddening. Whether you’re sifting through an endless string of advertisements looking for people with 10 times of experience willing to work for$ 10 an hour or transferring your capsule off into the void of an online operation system, it can be hard to keep your spirits up. But there’s one bright spot when you’re in the midst of a job- stalking donkeywork the frothy or weird posting. However, you know the kind of announcement we’re talking about, If you’ve ever searched for a job on Craigslist. It involves a strange skill, in an assiduity, you didn’t indeed know was, and may or may not be legal. These bulletins pop up far and wide, but they feel especially common on Craigslist Los Angeles. L.A., after all, is a city where you have a lot of people looking to make it big – or just make a buck – and plenitude of people looking to hire them.

 Craigslist Los Angeles openings pullulate for the ‘ open- inclined ’

 As you might anticipate, numerous of the jobs posted on Craigslist Los Angeles are in the entertainment assiduity – specifically, the adult entertainment assiduity. Browse through the “ gift ” bulletins in the gigs section and you’ll find a putatively endless array of openings for “ fun, ” “ enough, ” and “open-inclined” women. ( Guys can get in on the action too, but their services are far less in demand.)

 Other jobs might not involve bareness but are a bit different from your average office gig. Take this job posting from the “ stylish of Craigslist ” from 2003, when someone was seeking a person “ who is able of moving physical objects with his/ her mind( telekinesis). This is for scientific trials to enhance and harness this power. If you’re suitable to move small objects just a little you qualify. ”

 sorely, that$ 75/ hour, full-time job is long gone( if it ever was in the first place), but plenitude of new, strange jobs are popping up on Craigslist Los Angeles every day. Then are 10 other quirky jobs, from full-time positions to one-off gigs, you can find in the City of Angels.

 1. The friend of Sean Combs

 Do you have notorious musketeers? Are you willing to exploit your connection to make a quick buck? also, there’s a job for you. This person is looking for someone who can put him in touch with Sean “ Diddy ” Combs to “ bandy strategic cooperation with Combs Enterprises. ” To be fair, the bill does feel to realize he or she’s grasping at straws. But when it’s free to post an announcement on Craiglist, why not give it a shot?

2. Wax gallery artist

 When it comes to wax galleries, none are more notorious than Madame Tussauds. The Hollywood village of the chain is presently seeking a plant artist who can help maintain those ultra-realistic wax numbers. You need experiences in a creative field like costume form and design, hair styling, or oil painting oil. A background working with wax heads or special goods makeup is a plus. However, this one sounds like it could be a fun gig If you aren’t completely creeped out by the idea of working in a wax gallery.

 3. Gal for a day

This motorcycle-riding gentleman needs someone to pretend to be his gal for the day as he attends a networking event. Yes, it sounds like the set-up for an inelegant romantic comedy( or maybe a horror-suspense movie), and no, there’s no factual pay involved.

 4. Ramen pate tester

 Ramen suckers can get paid to taste-test a new type of ramen poll. Cup pate suckers need not apply, but if you know your ramen, you may be suitable to earn some quick cash for participating in your opinion.

 5. Part-time card pen

 Do you have a gift for writing thoughtful thank you notes? also, this part-time job as a card pen for a woman’s footwear company might be the perfect fit. You’ll be responsible for composing substantiated thank you notes for guests. Excellent handwriting is a must-have, naturally.

 6. Grill fixer

 Summer regale season is then, but this poor Venice Beach occupant has a caff

 that doesn’t work. However, he’ll pay at least$ 15, further if you can make it work again, If you can tell this joe what’s wrong with his caff

 7. Bank chum

 Ladies, if you like to hang out, watch Netflix, and bank weed, there’s a user in L.A. who’ll pay you a generous$ 5 an hour to do those effects with him. However, check out our list of jobs in the marijuana assiduity,( If you’re looking for a further licit pot-related gig.)

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