Craigslist Kansas City

Craigslist Kansas City

Craigslist Kansas City: Last weeks Nashville-gate( the lack of any cheap stupendous discoveries) made me want to go nearly lower, with lower of a quaint culture. So Kansas City it is, and my what awful effects Kansas City did bring this week.

1. $450 Milo Baughman Sofa You know how I feel about Sir. Milo Baughman. In the right space you don’t indeed need to recover this bad boy. thus some lucky CL paperback will potentially take home a Milo Baughman lounge for$ 450 without any fresh charges. That, my CL musketeers, is a veritably good deal. I love the scale of the arms and the heftiness of the cocoons – if you do decide to recover it don’t add pipeline/ welting – I ’ve made that mistake before, just keep as firstly intended.
2. $15 Full Wicker Headboard This falls in the ‘ so cheap that you kinda can’t pass it up ’ order. Is it the coolest wicker headboard I ’ve ever seen in my life? Nope. But for$ 15 and the cost of a can of spray makeup you have yourself a enough lovable guest bedroom headboard. Its simple, cute and the cost of a martini in LA.
3. $35 Brace of Milk Glass lights These lights need a ultramodern black barrel shade and to be paired with a poppy tufted lounge – commodity that’s quaint but in an streamlined color. Add a Moroccan boucheriette hairpiece or a various art deco hairpiece, a regency style coffee table and call it a day. A cheap ‘$ 35 brace of beacon’day.
4. $30 Bamboo Rocking Chair Yes. These are the prices that I ’ve been searching for. A wicker president should be$ 35 on Craigslist. This is lovable , a slightly unique shape with the whole quaking bit, and yet a really nice stretch wicker tone.
5. $45 Retro Rolling office Chair Forty- five!!!! Excellent price for a enough great office president for the perfect stretch plant. It might be a little faded, but for$ 45 its a total deal.
6. $50 Brace of Mid Century Modern lights So great. Yes, I ’d like to modernize the shade with commodity fresh and more ultramodern, but these two for$ 50 is a veritably good deal, musketeers. Perfect for night stands or bordering a lounge or a credenza. easily anywhere, really. Read this post for beacon shade buying tips and coffers.
7. FREE Mid Century Sofa That’s a cutey little lounge for$ NOTHING. Yes, you ’ll need to buy fabric( 16 yards ish at$20/ yard ish) plus labor,($ 900 –$ 1200) and new froth($ 300 or so? or occasionally its included in upholstery price) but that still a enough great lounge for$ 1200 –$ 1600. Not nothing, but great for a completely unique lounge.
8. $70 Vintage Drafting Table Not just for engineers. These tables, when flat, are great tables for weird areas – think foyers, corner tables and divisions for behind settees. These bring a fortune then, so$ 75 is veritably cheap for this joe.
9. $ 250 Mid Century Credenza Cute and a great price.
10. $ 40 Brass drugstore Beacon Ditto.
11. $ 30 Mod Side Chair Yup. suppose about doing to it what I did to Joy’s chairpersons

Thank you craigslist kansas city for being so affordable – I need these kinds of steals to keep me alive. I ’m like a robot that really just functions on the energy of a good discovery. Help me survive, folks. Where to next craigslist kansas city ?

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