Play mats for infants are widely recommended by pediatricians and other experts. Play mats are widely recommended by PTs and OTs because of the many advantages they provide for child development. Baby playmats cognitive development isn’t the only area that benefits from play mats; their fine motor abilities, self-consciousness, and knowledge of the world around them all improve greatly as well.

Furthermore, infant play mats can serve multiple purposes. They provide a natural border for your child’s play space while also being easy to clean and portable for vacations or weekly trips to grandma’s place. Extra links and other toys can be hung from the arches of many baby play gyms, making them more unique to the needs of each individual child.

Babies of all ages, from the earliest months all the way through sitting and crawling, can enjoy them. Baby gyms are fun for kids of all ages, including preschoolers. Therefore, you should check to see if the play mat you’re considering has a long lifespan for your family. We’ve compiled a list of the best play mats for infants of all ages and stages of development. Additionally, you can view products in the store for a fantastic experience.


When your kid is very young, he or she acts primarily out of reflexes, meaning that the infant has little choice in how they respond to stimuli. If you press something into a newborn’s palm, for instance, they will automatically reach for it. 

Newborns can increase their gripping and reaching reflexes by grabbing at the hanging rattles or rings on a Baby playmats. This also helps them learn to hold objects, get a better visual sense of what they are holding, and start to understand cause and effect as they wriggle and shake the toys.

Baby playmats can use baby gyms to practice and perfect these reflexes, and they can also learn to put their hands together in the middle of their body while supine. In addition to fostering your child’s core muscle development through reaching and gripping, baby gyms promote the earliest form of hand-eye coordination. Toys like the Explore & Store Activity Gym Monkeys and the Great Leaps Infant Gym & Ball Roller CoasterTM are wonderful for the brand-new baby stage.

Tummy Time

An essential part of your baby’s growth and development is tummy time, which consists of supervised, purposeful fun on your baby’s tummy while he or she is awake. Tummy time has been shown to strengthen your baby’s neck, back, and arms, as well as aid in the development of higher-level gross motor skills, hand skills, visual skills, and even speech and feeding abilities.


Once your baby is able to sit up unassisted, you may tilt the arch of the Great Leaps Infant Gym & Ball Roller CoasterTM so they can enjoy ball drop play with a convenient track to keep balls close at hand. Keep it inverted until it’s time for toddlers to use it as a ball drop roller coaster. The five brightly-hued balls can be hidden away inside the arch when the blue frog’s arms are closed.

The turtle’s head is a handy place to store the set’s forty colored balls. Four cute marine friends feature a mirror, a ring to hold, a teether texture, and a rattle to entertain infants and toddlers. This timeless classic may be used by children of all ages, meaning it will continue to provide priceless fun for years to come.

Teepees that can be taken on the go by toddlers and younger children are all the rage right now. Newborns and infants can explore the ceiling with four dangling toys and a giant mirrored mobile, which helps them practice reaching and grabbing. Babies will love the musical ear of the elephant as they practice their tummy time.

When your infant is ready to take his or her first steps, you can convert part of the gym into a tunnel for crawling. Just unfold the gym’s sides to make a teepee for infants and small children to play in. There’s little doubt that your family will have a lot of memorable times together playing on this mat for years to come. 

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