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Connor Payton is the star child of the famous ex- American Football Coach Sean Payton. The kid was raised in Texa sand is currently living at Fort Worth.

The mother of his is Beth Shuey. His older sibling Meghan Payton Meghan Payton was born on the year 1997. He attended Texas Christian UniversityConnor has remarkable football abilities and can be regularly seen playing in football matches.

He is also a fervent basketball fan. The pair of father-son pair is often seen at numerous basketball and football games.

They both are fans of their beloved New Orleans Pelicans. In the film “Home Team the fictional character Connor Connor is performed by the actor Tate Bloom.

This has made Connor a the subject of curiosity in the eyes of many and is receiving a lot of interest.

His personal life is secret and doesn’t divulge much information about it. We can see glimpses of his social media activity via his Twitter account.

His father

Sean is an ex- football player , and also the most experienced football coach. He coached to the New Orleans Saints and led them into the upper echelon in in 2006to 2022.

The birthplace of his father was San Mateo, California and born in Naperville, Illinois with his the parents Thomas and Jeanne Payton.

A quarterback played during his time at Naperville Central High Schooland Eastern Illinois Universityand was a professional player with the Chicago Bearsand Leicester Panthers.


Through his social media accounts, it appears that he’s dating a woman known as Audrey Carrington.

While he was a player at Indiana State University He met Beth Shuey,an undergraduate student. She earned a bachelor’s diploma in marketing.

Their relationship lasted for few months and were wedding in July 11 the 11th of July, 1992. They were married for quite a while, but they eventually went through an upswing and split in 2014..

She got married to Jamie McGuire later. Payton soon began to date Skylene Montgomery who was named Miss West Virginia in 2008 as a volleyball and nursing coach.

The couple proposed to marry him at an intimate party held that took place at Longway Tavern. In June 18 2021 they were wed at Cabo San LucasMexico.


Sean and Beth welcomed the two beautiful kids, Meganand Connor.

Meganhas an undergraduate degree in production of media and sports broadcasting. She is employed by the NFLas an sportscaster.


Sean decided the decision to retire as coach for HTML1the Saints after fifteen years of coaching. Under his guidance, Saints took a huge leap in success.

He played to lead the Saintsto to the playoffs nine times which included Super Bowl XLIV.

Throughout his career and his time in the league, he was awarded with the National Football league coachof the year in 2006, ESPY honors outstanding team New Orleans Saints 2010 and on.

He is widely regarded as one of the coaches with the highest success.

Net worth

His father had been the head coach for the New Orleans Saints for several years. He earned an annual pay of $8 million.

Net worthThe source of income
$24 MillionFootball coach


  1. Connor, Connor, born on May of 2000 and has reached now 21now

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